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Seek a Lawyers Opinion on Any Contract Before Signing It

Agreement A legal contract, which defined as a legally enforcible agreement, is used to add a level of security to any agreement made between one party and another. You usually see them when in relation to a financial deal, but it can also be used for other situations  such as lawsuit settlement. This also means that you will find a contract at the centre of any financial deal of a significant size, such as with the purchasing/sale of a home or the selling of shares in a private company.

You want to acquire the services of a lawyer before you sign any contract except the most standard business to consumer deals (like for a phone contract or ISP deal, which millions of others will have signed), as although you still want to read those as well and research the clauses, they tend to be very similar contracts across the whole industry. For the more serious legal documents, such as large financial deals, paying for a legal review by a lawyer can help you to understand what your and the other party’s legal responsibilities are, which will in turn ensure that the chance of you getting caught off guard, potentially to disastrous results, are greatly reduced.

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"Consistently delivers results. Glenn Stern has helped on numerous occasions: he saved me from various legal perils by consulting on legal matters. Glenn has also helped out at least twice by representing me in court, each time, the outcome has surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend.” Mark
"Glenn Stern is a great attorney! He is very charismatic and personable while also very professional and great at what he does! He responds quick and answers any questions you may have as a knowledgeable attorney. I highly recommend Stern as he helped me out greatly with my case. If need be, I would rehire him in an instant!” H.S.
"I found Mr. Stern to be true to his word. If he said he was going to do something, he did it! Upfront with what he would do and his expectations of result. He was right on target. Anytime I contacted him and he missed my call or email he was quick to reply as soon as he was able. I found Mr. Stern to be a lawyer with real integrity and genuine concern for his clients. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing a criminal attorney." A.P.