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Client Reviews

I hired Attorney Glenn Stern to represent me back in November 2023. He was by far one of the most professional yet personable attorneys I have ever met. I could contact him anytime to ask for advice and he made himself available usually the same day I reached out to him. I hear so many of my peers in my support group stating how long their case is taking and how the communication with their attorney is lacking or nonexistent; this is by far not the case with Mr. Stern! He explained all scenarios and recommended proactive tasks to complete for my case prior to going before the judge. He fought for everything to go in my favor and had my charges dropped down to a lower level which I had discussed with him in the very beginning! I am so thankful to have found such an awesome attorney. I am now two months past my court date and almost through everthing to get my life back to a normal state. If you are looking for a top notch lawyer to represent you, hire Glenn Stern! I will definately hire Glenn again, however, hopefully I will never be in the situation where I need a criminal defense attorney again!

Doreen Nace

Attorney Glenn Stern offered the best defense. Hired for my husband, he allowed us to understand all possible outcomes and scenarios and which situation would work best for our case. We were in the toughest county to be accused of a crime. He fought for everything to go in my husband’s best interested and it did! We are so thankful to have found a reliable attorney. Now my husband has nothing to worry about and his life is back to normal. Aside from that Attorney Stern exhibited great professionalism. His communication was great and everyone was always on the same page. If anyone is looking for a great lawyer to save you in a tight situation he is your guy. Hopefully I will not need an attorney in the future but if I do I know I will be calling ATTORNEY GLENN STERN!

Melissa Martins

Glenn was a phenomenal attorney and communicated with us at the highest levels throughout the six months that we retrained him. We were able to bring the case to a successful close with his help!

Sarthak Mohapatra

I definitely recommend Glenn Stern's great service, (already to my friends). I got four tickets from an at-fault car accident, and could lose my driver's license. I thought I would have to pay a huge amount of fines and probably still had 2-3 tickets even with the help of lawyer. It turns out the result is awesome and it's absolutely beyond my expectation. It's actually a dismiss-case from the court, (and the judge also compliment his great effort to my case). He's such a great lawyer.He keep me posted with all details all situations, and relief my nerf by answering my phone call and even spam messege in the late night. If you're looking for a responsible and great lawyer, he's the best choice. Thank you again and best wishes~

Jiahui Cheng

Consistently delivers results. Glenn Stern has helped on numerous occasions: he saved me from various legal perils by consulting on legal matters. Glenn has also helped out at least twice by representing me in court, each time, the outcome has surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend.

Glenn Stern helped me with my case tremendously

Glenn Stern is a great attorney! He is very charismatic and personable while also very professional and great at what he does! He responds quick and answers any questions you may have as a knowledgeable attorney. I highly recommend Stern as he helped me out greatly with my case. If need be, I would rehire him in an instant!

Efficient, Quickly Responsive, Knowledgeable, Personable

I found Mr. Stern to be true to his word. If he said he was going to do something, he did it! Upfront with what he would do and his expectations of result. He was right on target. Anytime I contacted him and he missed my call or email he was quick to reply as soon as he was able. I found Mr. Stern to be a lawyer with real integrity and genuine concern for his clients. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing a criminal attorney.


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